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The Environment & Recreation Directorate is responsible for the protection of the environment in a sustainable way which meets the needs of existing and future citizens.

The Directorate through the provision of its various services undertakes measures to protect and enhance the environment in which we live, however, it is only with the help of all citizens taking personal responsibility for environmental care that our goals can be achieved.

The Directorate has responsibility for the provision of the following services:

1) Waste Management: Through the promotion of reduction, recycling and responsible disposal of waste.
2) Litter Management: Through both enforcement and education / information programmes.
3) Street Cleaning: Through the provision of a 7 day a week street cleaning programme.
4) Water Services: Through the provision, on behalf of Irish Water, of clean potable water for domestic and commercial purposes.
5) Waste Water Services: Through the collection, transport and treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater on behalf of Irish Water.
6) Recreational Services: Through the provision playgrounds, pitches, golf course and the provision of recreation/leisure centres, and multi user games areas.
7) Burial Grounds: Through the provision of good quality, well maintained burial facilities.


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        Water Services: 

        Since 1 January 2014, responsibility for public water supplies has transferred from local authorities to Irish Water, the new national water services authority. Cork City Council operates public water supplies on behalf of Irish Water.


        Drinking Water & Waste Water Service Requests - 24 Hours 

        Faults Water Supply and Waste Water       1850 278278

        Domestic Billing Queries                           1850 448448

        Commercial Water Queries                       1850 778778 

        Irish Water


Flooding Management & Surface Water Queries (021) 4924514

Blocked Road Gullies – Roads Directorate          (021) 4924758

Waste Management:
Landfill Site/Pollution (021) 492 4299 / 492 4533

Waste Operations:
Litter and Dumping (021) 492 4299 

ckc-typewriter-icon-58w.jpg‌ Environment Department, City Hall, Anglesea Street, Cork.


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Waste Operations

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Waste Collection Permits

Waste Collection Permits

Under the Waste Management (Collection Permit) Regulations, 2007 as amended, those intending to carry out waste collection activities in Cork County Council’s Functional area must apply for a waste collection permit. This requirement applies to individuals, companies and partnerships.

From 1st February, 2012, all new waste collection permit applications and applications for the review of waste collection permits are being processed by the National Waste Collection Permit Office (NWCPO), Offaly County Council, Aras an Chontae, Charleville Road, Tullamore, Co. Offaly Tel: to (057) 935 7428.

Please visit for more information.

For current information relating to Waste Collection Permit Holders operating in this Region please visit the following link:


Movement of Hazardous Waste within the State

Change to the current C1 form to an online Waste Transfer Form (WTF)

The European Communities (Shipments of Hazardous Waste Exclusively within Ireland) Regulations 2011 (S.I. No. 324 of 2011) was introduced by the Department of Environment, Culture and Local Government in July 2011 making Dublin City Council, National TFS Office, the sole authority for the administration of hazardous waste movements within Ireland.

These Regulations introduced a fundamental change to the previous C1 system with the move to an online Waste Transfer Form system. This new Waste Transfer Form administration system requires consignors to purchase and fill in their forms online – the information required is similar to that previously provided on a C1 form and payments are now online through Dublin City Council’s secure web site.

Information on how to register as a user of the system, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and instructions on how to purchase Waste Transfer Forms is available on the Dublin City Council Website through the following link:

Email queries should be sent to:

A copy of the Regulations can be viewed through the link below:


Transfrontier Shipment of Waste (TFS)Transfrontier Shipment of Waste (TFS)

Ship waste overseas via the National (TFS) Office

Some waste in Ireland must be sent overseas for recovery and disposal. Any waste shipments of this type from any local authority area in the Republic of Ireland must now be notified to the National TransFrontier Shipments (TFS) Office;

Dublin City Council
National TFS Office
Eblana House
68-71 Marrowbone Lane
Dublin 8

Fax: (01) 411 3440

 Administration Department

Tel: (01) 222 4411 or 222 4601 or 222 4634 or 222 4249

Technical Department

Tel: (01) 222 4374 or 222 4235 or 222 4467.