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About Us

Cork City Council is a public service organisation that operates within a local democratic mandate. Cork City Council is responsible for providing a diverse range of services to the citizens of our City which impact directly or indirectly on their daily lives. Some of the services we provide are:

Housing and Community Services:

Provision of housing to those in need, shared ownership and Affordable Housing, Management and maintenance of housing estates, rent collection, accomodation for travellers etc.

Roads and Transportation:

Responsible for developing and managing parking, design and construction of new schemes, Managing and improving the road network and encouraging the use of alternative means of transport etc.

Planning and Development:

Deals with all Planning matters in the City. Prepares City Development Plan and other plans as required, deals with planning applications and permissions. Planning enforcement ensure that all development complies with Planning Permission and that unauthorised development does not take place etc.

Recreation, Amenity and Culture:

Responsible for provision and maintenance of all public parks and green spaces, swimming pools, Arts, Library,  Fire, Civil Defence and Emergency Planning etc.


Deals with the provision of water, sewage and drainage systems, refuse collection and disposal, operation and maintenance of Landfill site, street cleaning and litter control, recycling, monitoring and enforcement of pollution controls etc.

Cork City Council has 31 democratically representing the 6 wards in the City. Elections are held every 5 years.

The elected members of Cork City Council conduct business through functional committees. Strategic Policy Committee's and a Corporate Policy group were established in 2000 in response to the Government's commitment to restore real decision making and power to local authorities and local people. Five Strategic Policy Committees (Housing and Community Services, Roads and Transportation, Recreation, Amenities and Culture, Environment and Development and Planning) and a Corporate Policy group were established. The Corporate Policy Group has a membership consisting of the Lord Mayor, City Manager and Chairpersons of the Strategic Policy Committees, all of whom are elected members, and provides a forum for policy issues which transcend the remit of individual SPC' s.