Representing Butetown, Cardiff:  The Caribbean Elders Project

  • Capturing the histories & experiences of Caribbean elders in Cardiff

  • Using creative arts practices to co-produce multiple representations of Butetown that are of value to the local people.

  • Exploring the dynamics of migration and ageing as linked to place, racialisation, and wellbeing

  • Informing policy in order to promote health and wellbeing

Our focus
The Caribbean Elders Project   aims to explore personal and collective histories of the Caribbean migratory experience, and to what extent they shape the everyday lives, health and well-being of Caribbean elders.

This case study will also explore representations of Butetown held by those with emotional ties to the area. We are interested in public spaces within Butetown where people have gathered for life-affirming events and regular social activities. We are interested in how such spaces and activities impact on health and well-being, and on notions of belonging and community.

Our Plans
We will capture the life stories of Caribbean elders, learning more about their links with their children and with key local institutions (e.g. churches, dominos clubs, community groups and cultural organisations) that are of importance to them. We also intend to explore and analyse life stories of people linked to the West Indies/ Caribbean that have been conducted by other researchers recently, as well as life stories conducted in the early 1980s. With a focus on the social networks and the local context, we will host a series of discussion groups/collective conservations.

Our Conviction
The Caribbean Elders project is rooted in the conviction that creative arts can be a valuable tool for capturing marginalised voices, redressing negative representations, initiating conversations about the experiences of older people, and in providing valuable knowledge for those working to address health and social inequities. Our aim is to create space in which to co-produce representations that are meaningful and of value to those who participate in the study. These community and cultural representations can also be used as credible sources of evidence for informing policy and improving well-being.

Our Outputs
Creative representations will be digitised as resources, and new creative products will be generated (such as photographs, documentary audio-visual footage, film, stories, and artwork) and deposited with local archives and arts centres. Life story data will be analysed. A range of publications, exhibitions and other resources will be developed.

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