Outside of the frames we make

The West Wharf Office in 1900, Western Mail 20.01.2023

This research has led me to see the value of dominoes to many Caribbean people. It is convenient to say (as I have heard at many a domino tournament), that domino equals Caribbean. How can you be from the Caribbean and not know how to play domino?

The answer to that is of course rooted in the different colonial circumstance of the different Caribbean islands. In Trinidad we have a card game - All Fours. No, I can’t play that either. So, by extension, the answer to that continues to include the particular nuances of different communities, families and individuals.

The thing I need to keep reminding myself of is this: There is no single story and all our stories matter. I need to remind myself not to be surprised when someone of a certain age from a certain island says actually, I don’t like dominoes, I think it’s boring. I need to remember that even when the story does not fit the main thrust of the research narrative, the story is valid and that finding ways of beginning to allow for the poly-vocal nature of the stories we are privileged to be exposed to, is the beginning of something truly necessary.


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